For the past few years, the rapper, singer-songwriter Soaky Siren has been tearing into the Los Angeles music scene with a force not unlike the tropical storms she grew up with in the Bahamas. It’s a fierce, raw, kinetic, in-your-face sound and style that has established Soaky as a multi-platinum, Latin Grammy-nominated songwriter. Harnessing that momentum, and using the influences from the culture that made her, Soaky Siren is establishing her own lane as an artist. 

The multi-genre artist learned how to tap into her talents early on: as a child, Soaky Siren was obsessed with rap, spending countless hours in her mother’s closet writing verse after verse. By high school she was already establishing herself not only as a rapper, but as a vocalist, too. Her talents and abilities to effortlessly crossover from sound to sound, genre to genre, places her in the rare echelons of artists that can release everything from urban to dancehall to pop. Since moving to LA, Soaky has proven this time and time again, co-writing hit songs including Maroon 5’s Nobody’s Love, Jason Derulo’s Tip Toe, Rita Ora and Chris Brown’s Body on Me, Pitbull, J Balvin, and Camila Cabello’s smash hit Hey Ma, Big Freedia’s Karoake which features Lizzo and more. 

Following an impressive debut with her EP LUCAYA Soaky Siren is teeing up her second EP.  It’s REGATTA season now. The first single ‘M.I.A.’ is produced by B Ham and Chizzy. This bop single-handedly unveils yet another layer to paradise that departs from the standard experience. Soaky Siren is not a representative of the stereotypical tale of sun, sand and sea. Her paradise is one without privilege; a stomping ground that would arm her with the tenacity to forge the path that she’s on as an artist. There’s a grit and rawness in her that can’t be manufactured, and which comes out artfully in her music. 


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